Our grinders and a great new coffee maker

Here is our selection of electric grinders. New for us is the sweet little Bodum Bistro, bottom left, at $110. We decided to carry these with metal, not plastic, bodies, in copper or silver color. Plastic housing models are cheaper but look cheap! The Bodum comes with a 2-year guarantee. We still have a few of the Cuisinart grinders, at $65. These are fine for everything but espresso grind. Then there is our great home standby, the Baratza Encore. I recently visited the coffee lab at U California, Davis, where these things are used by several classes a day (1500 students a year!); they don’t break down.

And we now have a very cool (hot) new device, also from Bodum. It’s called the ePebo vacuum pot; it does that magic of creating a vacuum in the top vessel, then drawing water up from the bottom, which then falls back down through ground coffee to make a really smooth drink. The beauty of the ePebo is that it has its own electric base–no external source of heat needed. So you can take it right to a table and make coffee in front of your guests–impress them no end! Or you can relax with the thing in your kitchen for yourself alone. $180, and we’ll throw in a bag of coffee.

Brew as if you life depended on it. Maybe–see my posts on coffee and health–it does.