New School Year, New Coffees, Good Old Music

The schools at all levels, including Miami U., are in session again, and Oxford, Ohio has come back from a long, unlively summer. In Brazil, the schools give kids as young as 6 coffee before math classes–and they do better! But I’m not a health pro, so ask your doctor. Seriously, coffee is much better for anyone than those horrible energy and Coffee

Meanwhile, we have 2 new, great coffees in the store: a Rwandan and a Honduran (to go with the Ethiopian Sidamo that we got recently). The tasting notes for the Honduran, as written by our supplier, are: medium bodied, medium acidity with mild citrus/floral notes. Milk chocolate, caramel and nutty with a smooth finish.

The Rwandan is described as silky, creamy body, along with floral notes. Hints of lemon and orange in the aroma. In the cup, flavors are sweet like sugar cane and spicy like clove, and cinnamon. Sweet citrus and a bit of caramel in the finish, with an acidity reminiscent of a Kenyan but more delicate.

And I, El Bob, say it is wonderful coffee.

Finally, Frank Fitch and Friends will be back on Saturday, Sept. 3, 10 AM, to play their wonderful acoustical music–fiddle et al.

Come on in, get sharper with fine coffee, be entertained.