New biscotti, new sign

I have created a new message for our outdoor sign. Can you guess what song I had in mind? Big hint: Martha and the Vandellas, Dancin’ in the Street, 1964). Anyway . . .
Come on in for hot or cold drinks and to try our new Big Biscotti, hand-made and a serious accompaniment to a fine cup of coffee.

On to Chicago today to a coffee trade show, then in early August to El Salvador and Honduras. Stay tuned.


About Robert

Robert W. Thurston has written extensively about coffee, including as senior editor of Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide, and as author of Coffee: From Bean to Barista. He has spoken about coffee on 4 continents. Now emeritus prof. of history at Miami U. (Ohio), he has published books about Russian, European, and American history. His website is