It’s never too hot to think and drink good coffee: welcome back our Sidamo–and Frank Fitch

Sidamo bag

We are starting to see Oxford come back to life and to fill up after (ok, we’re still in) a long, hot summer. We are pleased to offer Ethiopian Sidamo coffee once more, one of RT’s personal favorites. Here are the tasting notes: Medium body with spicy and sweet citrus aromatics and a
pleasing maple syrup-like body.The wild sweet lemon and floral tones round out
into a smooth, clean finish. Triple sorted.

This is really good stuff. I thought I also detected some apple notes in the cup; but try it for yourself.

And on Saturday morning, Frank Fitch and his friends. They really can pluck those strings. Fitch Zach Davis Dale Farmer

So come on in and start the fall early!