Bob on BBC radio

BBC beans

I was interviewed, along with several other coffee people, last week for the BBC Radio 4 “Food Programme,” all about coffee. Here is the show broadcast in the UK on Sept. 4, 2016: That’s about 30 minutes long. Then there is a podcast, with more of me but some 45 minutes long, with a lot of additional material about robusta beans, available at

And whoa, the number of tweets and retweets about the program is impressive.

I think it was a very good show in that it tried to get Brits and others away from their espresso-based drinks; more important, it provided a lot of information, at a pretty sophisticated level, about coffee around the world. From all the people on the program, the host, Dan Saladino, was able to tease out good bits. Nice work all around.

By the way, the pic above is the one used on Twitter by BBC to tout the program. The hands are not mine, and that’s not my coffee! What’s wrong in the picture?