Coffees now available

This is not us unloading freshly picked coffee “cherry,” but I (R. Thurston) did take this photo at La Combia farm, Quindio, Colombia.  On the other hand, we are not really that far from this coffee.  At the store this week we have been roasting Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Peruvian organic Chanchamayo, Kenyan Safari Ridge, and Brazilian […]

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And on the first day…

We roasted!  And bagged.  And roasted and bagged.  Peruvian Chanchamayo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Colombian Decaf, a Mexican variety and an Espresso blend.  25 pounds of coffee.  It was fun, and we learned what equipment we still need, and talked to our first customers.  Yes, we need to get spoons, and sugar in the raw.  Things are […]

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Our roaster

Oxford Coffee would like to introduce you to our roaster. We roast in small batches (5 pounds at a time), using a highly respected Diedrich roaster. This roaster gives us the ability to fine tune the roast in order to get the best taste from the beans. You can catch a glimpse of the roaster […]

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