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Old Rancilio Works Once More!

After only 6 years of messing around, getting new parts, trying to figure out wiring, etc., my Rancilio Z9 two group head lever espresso machine works!  it isn’t quite ready for public shots; I need a cart and more to take it anywhere out of my basement.  And it’s a little finicky; I have to […]

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New photo by Bob in Roast Magazine

Here is a photo I took a few years back in Ethiopia; Roast magazine just featured it on the page called “Parting Shots” at the end of each issue, in this case March/April 2018. If you look closely, you will see joggers in up-to-date outfits on the left side. Ethiopia, like many places in Africa–and […]

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Free Compost!

We have compost to give away! Coffee grounds make an excellent soil amendment, especially for plants that love slightly acidic soil. The paper filters are fully biodegradable and can be dumped into a pile or bin to go back to nature. Stop in, with your own container, or better yet, call us at 609-4000 to […]

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