21 Lynn Ave., Suite 102, Oxford, Ohio. (513) 609-4000.
just north of Kroger, between Oxford Spirits and La Rosa’s.

A roastery and more.  By roasting on the spot, we guarantee you freshness and exceptional taste in every cup, every day.

We buy and roast the finest possible green coffee beans.  Our most important goal is to provide coffee that has excellent flavor, subtlety, and character in the cup.  Come on in, or try us on the web, for coffee that matches the finest wines and foods available.  There is no reason to drink plain, boring coffee!


At the store and over the internet we sell roasted whole bean and ground coffee.  We also stock inexpensive, simple, and effective equipment for making coffee at home:  burr grinders, drip cones, filters, French press pots, and carafes, for example.  We can supply kits for home brewing that will fit neatly into any kitchen or dorm room.

Except for espresso, the best way to make coffee at home is also the simplest.  The only machine anyone needs is a grinder; the rest should be done by hand.  Let us show you how quick and easy it can be to make excellent coffee, quite possibly the best you have ever tasted, for 35-40 cents a cup at home.

We carry reusable cups and capsules for some makes of pod/single serving machines.  Stop throwing all that plastic away, and enjoy better taste from your present machine.

We sell cups of brewed and espresso coffee in the store.  Espresso has undergone a real revolution in the last six or seven years; what used to be just strong, concentrated brown liquid is now available in complex layers of flavors that linger on the tongue and taste great.

Check out our stock of coffee and gift items—for not too much money, give a gift that will make a lasting impression and may just turn someone’s taste buds around.

We are a green company; our roaster is highly energy efficient, we use compostable cups and encourage customers to choose and mark a ceramic mug for use in the store, and we save coffee grounds and “chaff” from roasting for you to take home free—excellent fertilizer for plants!

Miami U Men's Glee Club leaders, April 2015

Miami U Men’s Glee Club leaders, April 2015

We love to talk coffee.  No question is too basic, and we are not snobs!  There will be tastings; demonstrations of the roaster; short talks about what is going on in the world of coffee, including the impact of climate change; and sessions in which we experiment with you to try different methods and techniques for making coffee.  Get a group together and ask about our low rates for informational sessions, coffee included.

Come on in and get to know us and the marvelous world of coffee.