Coffee for the people: Cater on

Yes, people are still wild about our coffee. Since my last post, we have done a lot of catering: to fraternities and sororities on clean-up day, Farmer Business School, Ohio Barn Conference, and much more. We provided coffee for the Kiwanis breakfast for the first time (they’ve been making the pancakes for 35 years), and we had some good reports.  It’s been great to have so many orders, and we do appreciate all of them. Our brave little roaster keeps on going. Some day a larger one?

And a group of students led by Annie Aldrich have filmed in the store for their cooking and food show, last week they also did a tasting with five of our coffees, together with foods they made from each producing country.  Flags by the cups are, of course, from those countries–except the one with the Union Jack in the corner is the Hawaiian flag. Oh no, I’m not going to explain that here. Watch at