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Gift ideas

If you are looking for something a little different for a gift, consider one item that’s really nice but hard to find and another that you really can’t find anywhere else. First, our elephant tea tins, filled with excellent tea bags of various kinds. The large elephants are $25 plus tax; the mini-elephants are $12. […]

A Shout Out to our bakers, and order now for the holidays

We are really pleased with the baked goods, especially the scones of various kinds, that we have gotten from Honey Bee Bakery for several months now. They are great! We had a fine time and talked to lots of people at the Community Arts Center last Saturday, for holiday/Santa gift day. Business is at high […]

Bob on BBC radio

I was interviewed, along with several other coffee people, last week for the BBC Radio 4 “Food Programme,” all about coffee. Here is the show broadcast in the UK on Sept. 4, 2016: That’s about 30 minutes long. Then there is a podcast, with more of me but some 45 minutes long, with a […]

New School Year, New Coffees, Good Old Music

The schools at all levels, including Miami U., are in session again, and Oxford, Ohio has come back from a long, unlively summer. In Brazil, the schools give kids as young as 6 coffee before math classes–and they do better! But I’m not a health pro, so ask your doctor. Seriously, coffee is much better […]

The price of a cup of coffee is way down in recent years

Here is an article about the price of a cup of coffee (I assume they mean 8 ounces, but I’m not sure) from Roast magazine. We’ve heard time and time again from coffee companies seeking sustainable forms of equity for players throughout their supply chains that a cup of coffee ought to cost more. New […]

We are in the Oakley Kroger–and a contest.

At long last, we have our Miami Coffee in the Kroger Oakley store, as of today. That is quite a place, by the way; several times the size of the Oxford Kroger, I think. So please tell your friends in the Oakley-Hyde Park area to BUY OUR COFFEE. But–I forgot to take a picture of […]

Pour-over coffee: a new and improved way to make it in the store

Here is our new arrangement for pour-over coffee in the store. Stop by and have a real cup of coffee made on the spot especially for you. We’ve shown this steam punk stand before; yes, Bob made it all by himself. Copper tubing, solder, cherry wood base. Blocks of stained pine on tubing for a […]

Coffee (again!) declared by scientists to be not cancer-causing

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has declared (June 15, 2016, press release no. 244) that coffee is no longer in its category (2B) of substances that are “possibly carcinogenic.”  In a change from a position taken in 1991, the Working Group on the subject of hot beverages now reports that there is “no […]