Bob Gets into Dr. Oz’s mag The Good Life

Dr Oz 3 16097These pages are from the current issue, April 2016, of The Good Life, a magazine produced by Dr. Oz. No one was quoted in the article, so I don’t feel any problem there. If you look at the bottom right corner of the first page, you’ll see our website listed. That’s good; we like the publicity, and we are up there with the big dogs like Intelligentsia. The column on the right is all from me, in that the writer asked me for recs to drink in place of Costa Rican, etc., and for descriptions of the coffees to try.
Dr Oz 3 16 II098
On the page at right, I am cited, along with the coffee book, in the small print at the bottom of the page.

I enjoy talking to writers about coffee; it’s a fun challenge to get them from almost zero knowledge to the point of writing something useful about coffee. Yes, that’s my ego showing. Two hours + of conversation = the above mention in the mag–but in this case the time was well worth it–the magazine’s “circulation guarantee” is 450,000.

One thing in the article that didn’t come from me and with which I disagree is advice about storing beans. The piece recommends using the freezer but not the refrigerator. I say go for the fridge only if you keep whole beans for more than two months after buying them. If you are using them within that span, keep them in the original bag, roll it down tight onto the remaining beans and fasten with a rubber band or clamp. If you are using ground coffee, just remember that it will go stale pretty quickly no matter what, within a week or so. It’s far better to buy whole beans and get a good grinder–a burr grinder of any type. Grinding beans fresh every time you brew coffee makes a big difference and only takes a moment.