New USDA dietary guidelines–once again, news that coffee is good for you

The USDA releases new dietary guidelines every few years. Remember the food pyramid? It’s gone. But while the ideas of the USDA about what to eat change fairly often, coffee gets an undeniably correct boost in the new guide–absolutely in line with a lot of recent research. Here’s the link. So drink up! But do […]

Nicaragua, New Year

Selva Negra coffee trees, shade trees, and workers housing I was in Nicaragua Jan. 4-13 to talk to American students there for J-term and to see coffee farms. For a while I stayed in the city of Leon; it has some wonderful churches, museums, and restaurants, but it was hot–97 F in the daytime. Then […]

We had wonderful tango in the store. Who’s next?

Here is a short taste of the wonderful Nuevo Tango played in the store last Wednesday by Marla Gigliotti, cello, and Tom Garcia, guitar. Now, who’s next? I finally got a keyboard working at home, with an amp and speakers; I can take it all to the store any time. It has wild beats, can […]

Please join us for cello, guitar, and tango!

We are delighted to say that this coming Wednesday, December 9, 3-4 PM, we will have a special musical performance in the store. Marla Gigliotti, Cello, and Prof. Thomas Garcia, Guitar, will play Nuevo Tango for us. Tango must be the hottest music of all, and Marla, a Miami senior, has been studying it hard […]

Benefiting the Hospital: A Gala Night

We served a lot of coffee at the bi-annual Chefs’ Celebration for Oxford’s McCullough-Hyde Hospital, November 7, 2015. We also served a fair amount of Bailey’s Irish Cream (not donated by us, but by Chris Hensey at Main St. Gourmet), which many who got coffee wanted in their cups. Well, it did taste good, and […]

The littlest customer, or get ’em before they grow teeth.

This person–name withheld by me because it can be a weird world–has actually not had any coffee yet. But I will mention that when I was in Brazil several years ago, people told me that even in elementary school, fairly young kids are given coffee before math class–and then they do better! So maybe wait […]

Coffee and health: more good news. And a Glee Club concert.

Another recent article on coffee and health. It turns out that you can get most of the water you need each day from food and–yes–coffee. And the brew does not make you urinate more, while it does help with cognition, etc. The Miami Men’s Glee Club is giving its fall concert on Friday, Oct. 23, […]

Back in the (local) news

Emily Tate of the Miami Student newspaper did this story recently on me and the store. She didn’t know much about coffee when she came in to talk, but she got everything right! Although “Man Behind the Mug” does sound a little strange . . . Ah, so what. Fall in now for great coffee.

Congratulations to our partner Norm Krumpe

One of the founders of Oxford Coffee Co., Norm Krumpe, has won a distinguished teaching award at Miami. We already knew he could teach, as he’s the one who showed the semi-literate rest of us how to do anything with computers, wifi, and more. Here is the statement from the award announcement about teaching: Norman […]

Music in the store, new coffees

Frank Fitch and friends on mandolin, banjo, guitar, and fiddle return to the store Sat. September 5, 10 AM. It’s always a good time when they play. And we have new coffees in stock: Ethiopian Sidamo, intense, medium body, spicy, citrus, and malt flavors; and Costa Rican Tarrazu, citrus notes, good acidity (sparkle on the […]