The price of a cup of coffee is way down in recent years

Here is an article about the price of a cup of coffee (I assume they mean 8 ounces, but I’m not sure) from Roast magazine. We’ve heard time and time again from coffee companies seeking sustainable forms of equity for players throughout their supply chains that a cup of coffee ought to cost more. New […]

We are in the Oakley Kroger–and a contest.

At long last, we have our Miami Coffee in the Kroger Oakley store, as of today. That is quite a place, by the way; several times the size of the Oxford Kroger, I think. So please tell your friends in the Oakley-Hyde Park area to BUY OUR COFFEE. But–I forgot to take a picture of […]

Pour-over coffee: a new and improved way to make it in the store

Here is our new arrangement for pour-over coffee in the store. Stop by and have a real cup of coffee made on the spot especially for you. We’ve shown this steam punk stand before; yes, Bob made it all by himself. Copper tubing, solder, cherry wood base. Blocks of stained pine on tubing for a […]

Coffee (again!) declared by scientists to be not cancer-causing

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has declared (June 15, 2016, press release no. 244) that coffee is no longer in its category (2B) of substances that are “possibly carcinogenic.”  In a change from a position taken in 1991, the Working Group on the subject of hot beverages now reports that there is “no […]

Tales of Coffee in Canada and NY State

My wife and I just returned from a trip through Rochester, NY (the area we stayed in was impressive!  Beautiful old houses and flowers upon flowers!) to Ottawa, Canada and back.  Here are some photos of coffee establishments we visited: first, Glen Edith Coffee, Rochester.  Nice setup.  Barista was new but engaged in his work. […]

“Gypsy” Jazz in the store May 7

  Frank Fitch and Friends will be back in the store Sat. May 7, 11-1:30, to play so-called “gypsy” jazz.  This will be a real treat.  If you’re not familiar with guitarist Django Reinhardt or violinist Stephane Grappelli, or even if you do know their music, this is a great chance to hear some fabulous […]

Coffee for the people: Cater on

Yes, people are still wild about our coffee. Since my last post, we have done a lot of catering: to fraternities and sororities on clean-up day, Farmer Business School, Ohio Barn Conference, and much more. We provided coffee for the Kiwanis breakfast for the first time (they’ve been making the pancakes for 35 years), and […]

Catering and how bad coffee can ruin your life

Catering ’til we drop!  April 6-9 we provided 38 airpots or the equivalent to Oxford groups.  Place your catering order now before we sleep for several weeks. And here is an ad from 1991 that proves bad coffee can ruin anything.  This is now the chief complaint of the 1%.

Bob Gets into Dr. Oz’s mag The Good Life

These pages are from the current issue, April 2016, of The Good Life, a magazine produced by Dr. Oz. No one was quoted in the article, so I don’t feel any problem there. If you look at the bottom right corner of the first page, you’ll see our website listed. That’s good; we like the […]

A taste of bass

Here’s just a little taste of the music we had yesterday. It was the first time we had a bass player in the store with a group, and it added a lot. Frank Fitch and Friends: Sorry for any inconvenience because we were closed today. We were all just dog tired and/or sick. But tomorrow, […]