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New coffee, new hours

The new coffee in the store is Sumatran Fair Trade Gayo. In the photo, you can see the letters FLO on the bag on the right. They stand for Fair Trade Labeling Organizations, the umbrella name for all FT groups around the world. These organizations are structured by country. The American body is Fair Trade […]

Roasting Coffee: Art, Science, and Close Attention

Roasting coffee is an art and a science. The beans absorb heat at times in the roast (are endothermic) and give it off at other times (are exothermic). Holding the beans at a steady temperature is no good; that is called baking in the business, and it has the effect of killing the flavors inherent […]

Grand Opening, grand improvements

Loading coffee the hard way, Nicaragua. The bags contain freshly picked coffee “cherry,” which is heavy, wet, and bulky. The pickers are very careful with these bags as they carry them to a pickup. Two men lift each bag and place it on the shoulder of a third man. One of the lifters then slaps […]

La Nuova Simonelli Aurelia, We’re Steamin’

We have finally gotten our La Nuova Simonelli Aurelia semi-automatic espresso machine into place, with a large notch cut into the top of our counter and the machine pushed back safely against the counter.  And we are steamin’!  This machine is a baby locomotive. It’s a little unfortunate that the manual that came with it […]

Coffees now available

This is not us unloading freshly picked coffee “cherry,” but I (R. Thurston) did take this photo at La Combia farm, Quindio, Colombia.  On the other hand, we are not really that far from this coffee.  At the store this week we have been roasting Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Peruvian organic Chanchamayo, Kenyan Safari Ridge, and Brazilian […]